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Extremely political UK grime rapper Kareem Dennis went underground

after his explosive song 'Obama Nation'.

 He speaks out against the ruling class, social engineering, corrupt capitalism and gangsterism in politics.

Lowkey’s home was raided in December 2010 by British security forces (Mint Press News).

Still he was an outspoken candidate at antiwar rallies,

and denounced imperialism on a global level.

Lowkey had a friend who survived the Grenfell Tower fire, and is furious

about how greed affected so many people. He lived across the street from the blaze.

Nothing can pretty up the ugliness of plutocratic destruction.

"There are corporations competing over the outsourcing of

what should be functions of the Council, and functions of the state.

And so often, they want to get the highest profit they can.

 ...They do jobs which are just not up to par.

It has to be the death knell of the Theresa May government.

Neo-liberalism is discredited. And it is a matter of life or death."

Lowkey respects ideology/action for a progressive future, that includes the people!

This is why his latest album Soundtrack to the Struggle 2 collaborates with Noam Chomsky.

Pretty real, right?

"Rebel against the system that deprived you of a voice
Rebel against this hell while survival still a choice
...The rebellion lives in all those that dream of a better way"

"Previously the idea had been that these people are not speaking to us, about us or for us.

We have a choice between policies which foster empathy, and policies which

foster greed, resentment, estrangement and alienation." (The Canary) VIDEO

Let these words resonate within your spirit.

"If you can combine that deeply touching aspect of music

with a political message that is trying to make a listener

aware of a situation they may be entangled in, but don’t

otherwise have awareness of, that’s powerful." (VICE)

Lowkey: Soundtrack to the struggle (Red Pepper, 08-10-19)

Artivist rapper Lowkey returns to the stage (Al Araby, 09-26-16)

Hip-Hop and Social Commentary