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"Revolutionary is inevitable."

Prolific rapper Akala (Kingslee James Daley) has never missed a beat, one of hip-hop's sharpest social critics. His sound? Radical. His aim? Reinvent another system, a better way.

"Before Europeans set up in East Africa and elsewhere? There was a semi-global system of trade between India, the so-called Middle East, Africa and China–with the Chinese admiral Zheng He coming to Africa in 1415. That system is reemerging."


 "The rise of greed, the pervasiveness of poverty, hopelessness and destruction of war, the dismissive obliteration of our natural world, the atrocities of slavery and the birth of capitalism." (Soul Heights)


Rapper-poet Akala: ‘Slavery was foundation of European capitalism’ (RT, 08-14-15)