I've done a spotlight on Black rock record labels around the world.

This is for all independent-aspiring, rising artists who have a future in successful sound.

Find your team and best of luck!

Chillhop Records

They are a musical platform and distribution label who pump out chillwave, hip-hop, trap and electronic jams like clockwork.

Contact them here. *Note: currently not accepting submissions, but reach out to talk anyway.

Closed Sessions

We can't overstate the importance of Closed Sessions for hip-hop enough, beyond the Chicago home base. Raekwon's here. The Alchemist passed through too.

Now, your faves are artists on CS: Blu, Curren$y, Conway The Machine (pre-Griselda), Freddie Gibbs, Hodgy, Noname and Westside Gunn. Think you have what it takes to join?

Jamla Records

Omitting Jamla would be pure disrespect, because some of hip-hop's finest have come and gone with this iconic record label. 9th Wonder is still an active artist there, alongside Khrysis, Nottz, Rapsody and more legends.

Their compilations have included Busta Rhymes, Black Thought, J.Cole, even SiR! Call 336-661-5018.

Melonskin Records

This brand-new label is a collaboration of Dirty Dike and Pete Cannon, UK and proud. Eve Lazarus, Kofi Stone, Skuff are all associated with Melonskin!

Here's their e-mail address. All about it, bruv.

NEXT Records

This incredible and prolific collective has the right idea. They're located in Brooklyn with a stellar roster to see where you might belong. Nothing but positive! Contact them.

Northentic Records

We love Northentic not only since " aim to showcase lyricists, producers and DJ's of the highest standard", but for their underground hip-hop dedication in a consistent, effective label. Abstrkt-P, Balen, Nook, Seek The Northerner rap their asses off. And we know you can too so go for it.


If you vibe with R&B, rap and popular entertainment for the last two decades, you probably know Crada by song, if not looks. Christian Kalla (Crada) created his independent label to do one thing: promote the artist and not have an artist indebted to their distributor.

PLYGRND cares about these dynamics, just like they'll care about your work. So hit them up!

 Stereofox Records

Stereofox is a semi-veteran in music industry terms, spanning past 2012 to its original blog Ivo. The writers, team and affiliated artists wanted a digital place where quality audio came first.

By 2013, in-house projects were underway and nearing 2023, over 10 performers are on Stereofox's label! Want to talk?

Supreme Team

They're the Austin-based hip hop label who remind us of a cooler DatPiff. All promotions, props, submissions are free.

Currently over 12,800 artists have been featured on Supreme Team's roster, with thousands of listeners. Your profile will also go to The Hype Urban Music Blog from there. And their free promotion contacts/playlists? Heaven-sent.

Tribeca Records

Tribeca Records is becoming more well-known for an ensemble mix of filmmaking professionals, musical masters, writers, artists overall. We don't have a roster to show you, but feel free to e-mail them!


We love the Brighton label and all its gritty glory, just not the name. The four founders Benaddict, M.KOZI, Concept of Thought and Cloud 9 all gave a small scene their best shot.

It works fantastically today, 10 years later. Don't hesitate!