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Amazon Action Fund

The COVID-19 Mission Project
for Indigenous Amazon communities

Brasil de Fato "We'll Need Everybody" Mutual Aid

Navajo Nation Mutual Aid (Protect Native Elders)

Protecting the People's Emergency Partnership Fund
(Indigenous Environmental Network, Amazon Watch, WECAN and more)

Indigenous Media

Associação Indígena Kisedje (Koyokamaratxi Khisetje, Kamikia Kisedje)/E-mail: - VIDEO for Xingu Mais with Oe Kayapó (Brazil),
won UN Equator Initiative Award for their activism

Coletivo Beture/E-mail: - a youth media organization who film life in their Kayapó village
Diamantha Kalapalo (Facebook) - tribal advocate and vlogger (Brazil)
Djuena Tikuna (Facebook/Youtube) - Indigenous singer (Brazil)
Guardians del Bosque (Twitter) - UNA response to climate change; screened If Not Us, Then Who in Times Square during Climate Week and support forest rights
If Not Us, Then Who? (Facebook) - an initative focused on environmental
activists, especially in the Amazon
and practices in forests around the world, produced by Amazon Frontlines

Indigenous Rising Media (Facebook) (U.S.) - Indigenous Environmental Network's media project (see North America)

Indigenous Voices - a media site dedicated to Amazonian pueblos and all Indigenous peoples
Kapaí Kalapalo
Mídia Índía - Indigenous production network led by Erisvan Bone (Guajajara) (Brazil)

Midia Ninja (Facebook) (Brazil)
Retsitsiwi Renhinõiwe - Guajajara teacher, performer and folklorist (Brazil)
The Red Nation

Selvas Producciones (Facebook) - Indigenous Sarayaku media company/
Pocho Alvarez [media producer] (Ecuador)

Warrior Women Connect (Facebook)
"I believe that we are better than the Wonder Woman, we live the battle of the everyday. We feel the blood draining on our faces, we feel pain." 
VIDEO  (important Amazonian leadership featuring Joênia Wapichana, Brasilice Tembé, Celia Xakriabá
Xingu+ (Facebook) - multi-sector community fighting for the safety of Xingu Corridor (Brazil)

Indigenous Advocacy


AFPAT (Association for Indigenous Women and Peoples of Chad) (Twitter)
African Rainforest Conservancy (Facebook)
Botswana Climate Change Network (Twitter) - an NGO focused on eco-management and
sustainability, climate education, and applicable knowledge for marginalized communities
Chapter Four Uganda - promoting Ugandan human rights and civil liberties;
key to blocking the anti-homosexuality bill, activism collaboration and support

NEW: On June 16, we filed Constitutional Petition No. 07 of 2020 to challenge repressive sections of the NGO Act, 2016.

The impugned sections violate the principle of proportionality and are unjustified for providing an enabling environment for #NGO sector.#Thread #CivicSpace

— Chapter Four Uganda (@chapterfourug) June 19, 2020

Extinction Rebellion Gambia - an environmental advocacy network who are part of the global XR call for climate action
Extinction Rebellion Kenya - an active and well-connected group in the nation who have linked to Extinction Rebellion Gambia
Fridays for Future Uganda - a youth-driven (Leah Namugerwa, Hilda Nabukaye, Derrick Mugisha, Sadrach Nirare)
climate group that coordinates Fridays for Future actions

Leah Namugerwa and youth activists in Uganda

Ghana Reducing Our Carbon (G-ROC/350 Ghana) - a activist group who have rallied and much more
Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim (Twitter) - Chadean (Mboboro) environmentalist and
coordinator for Association for Indigenous Women and Peoples of Chad (AFPAT
Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance - unites and facilitates its civil society network efforts toward climate change advocacy


AMAN (Indigenous Peoples' Alliance of the Archipelago) (Facebook) - independent Indonesian, Indigenous organization
Baltistan Wildlife Conservation and Development Organisation (Facebook) - a pro-wildlife society in Skardu, Pakistan since 2009,

and coordinated 20 successful missions for Gilgit-Baltistan's snow leopard
population through youth awareness campaigns, etc.; established International Snow Leopard Day (x)

BOSF (Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation) (Facebook) - saving orangutan populations and rainforest in Kalimantan, etc.
Restorasi Habitat Orangutan Indonesia


Alianza Mesoamerica de Pueblos y Bosque (AMPB) (Facebook) - territorial forest
guards/authorities who coordinate across Central America (Nicaragua)

Movimiento de Mujeres Indígenas Wangki Tangni (Facebook) - a congregation of Wangki women who convene on Indigenous rights (Nicaragua/Brooklyn)


Autumn Peltier - Wikwemkoong (Anishinaabe) water protector based in Ontario who has criticized the UN, Trudeau and Davos on their climate inaction;

"I personally don't feel that heard from politicians...When it comes to federal government it is really hard to get their attention and be heard by them.
I just feel being a youth we are not as heard as we can be." (
Black Mesa Water Coalition (Facebook) - a restorative, Indigenous-based economic and energy justice coalition
Climate Justice Alliance - mobilizing frontline communities in a campaign for a Just Transition: non-extractive economies without fossil fuels,
real climate solutions and ending environmental oppression since 2013

Gidimt'en Yintah Access (Facebook) - an inter-regional Wet'suwet'en agreement from Cas Yikh
House to protect Unis’tot’en's outer roads, currently surveilled by police and facing arrests (VICE
Giniw - Ojibwe women-led collective that defends their home against Line 3, Enbridge's
crude oil pipeline from Albert, Canada to Wisconsin in Anishinaabe territory; Honor the Earth Executive Director Winona La Duke, Tara Houska,
Honor the Earth's Campaigns Director/Sen. Sanders' former advisor, and many more courageous advocates

Gwich'in Tribal Council (Facebook) - a cultural, legal organization to amplify Gwich'in rights and proper land management for their nation
Honor the Earth - fundraising and awareness collective for Indigenous justice that have supported 200 tribal communities through grants and grassroots support,
founded by Winona La Duke and Indigo Girls; joined by courageous staff like
Sarah LitteRedFeather, Tara Houska
It Takes Roots - a multi-ethnic, Indigenous, Black and brown Climate Justice Alliance project
in the Americas specifically for women and youth's agency; brainstormed from Peoples
Climate March on translocal strategies to regenerate our society like national climate conventions and trainings, team with Indigenous Environmental Network

Indigenous Environmental Network (Facebook) - an Indigenous grassroots alliance who protects Indigenous law and Mother Earth;
an IEN youth coalition sent Canada's Legislative Assembly this letter:
"As Indigenous youth we stand with Wet’suwet’en assertion of sovereignty because we understand that Indigenous Peoples will cease to exist without our land;
our languages, cultures, and future generations cannot survive without it.

Indigenous youth are not only inheriting a climate crisis driven by fossil fuel projects like CGL, but Canada’s legacy of colonization,
genocide, and gendered violence against Indigenous women, girls, and Two-Spirit people." (x
Indigenous Solidarity Rebellion (Facebook)
Native Renewables (Facebook) - a solar power initiative by Suzanne Singer and Wahleah Johns for the Hopi and
Navajo Nations' energy sovereignty; delivered clean power to Standing Rock, teaches
solar installation
Office of the Wet'suwet'en - a central administrative office and non-profit for the Wet'suwet'en Nation, a governance system of five hereditary clans
and thirteen house groups who uphold Anuk nu'at'en (Wet'suwet'en law); "We are proud, progressive Wet’suwet’en
dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of our culture, traditions and territories; working as one for the betterment of all."
Protect Native Elders - Navajo Nation advocacy to address the COVID-19 pandemic

Red Cloud Renewable - sustainable power, tree-planting and building for the Lakota
people by Henry Red Cloud; uses low-cost, eco-positive materials

Tahltan (Facebook) - the central governing body for the Iskut and Tahltan Nations in Telegraph Creek, British Columbia
who live on reserves or other areas; the Board is a representative committee from 10 regional clans

Tara Houska - Couchining Ojibwe Nation Giniw and Not Your Mascots founder, Campaigns Director for Honor the Earth,
climate policy analyst, formerly Native American affairs advisor for Senator Bernie Sanders

Unis’tot’en Camp (Facebook) - the first Wet’suwet’en peoples in northeastern B.C., Yintah Wewat Zenli, who resist Coastal GasLink, Lions Gate Metals,
RMCP and many more's occupation through pipeline protests, legal action and counter-checkpoints;
Office of the Wet'suwet'en represents Unis’tot’en land rights as a 13-member hereditary chief council
Message from Unis'tot'en Camp  VIDEO

Winona La Duke (Twitter) - a 40-year-long cherished Anishinaabe activist who contributes to alternative economies,
Indigenous crop preservation efforts; written works on environmental justice
and grassroots organizing in Native America are available at Spotted Horse Press


Aboriginal Victoria - a heritage/lands right government page for Aboriginal
Australians and Torres Strait Islanders

AntaR - a national and multi-organizational network for Aboriginal issues, policy and representation
Feohi - a Tongan cultural program about inter-generational
resolution and family practices for Islander heritage

Kimberley Land Council - a political land rights organization founded by Kimberley's Aboriginal members; conducting
conservancy projects, native title initiations and cultural research

New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council
- protects interests of Aboriginal communities in NSW
County; especially important after wildfires
Pacific Youth Council -a multi-national group of environmentally conscious youth with seven regional councils: Republic of the
Marshall Islands Youth Congress, Micronesia National Youth Council, Tonga National Congress, etc.

Seed (Facebook) - the Pacific Islands' pioneer climate network, by and for youth, who engage other
activist groups like Australian Youth Climate Coalition (Facebook) - a youth movement
to protect traditional Indigenous lands and promote sustainability through divestment


APIB (Facebook) - Brazilian national organization for Indigenous liberation
that formed out of ATL (Free Land Camp)

COIAB, an organization with APIB, partners with Amazon Watch
They also co-organize the March for Indigenous Women!

Key leaders are deputy chief Joênia Wapichana, advocate/lawyer Eloy Terena, and executive coordinator Sonia Guajajara.
AGIR (Associação das Guerreiras Indigenas...) (Facebook) - Indigenous women in resistance from Rondônia, heavily affected by fire
AIDESEP (Facebook) - 1,809 indigenous Peruvian communities in the Amazon (Peru)
Alianza Ceibo (Facebook) - an alliance of ethnic groups from the
Ecuadorian Amazon: Ko'fan, Siekopai, Siona, and Waorani

VIDEO  Alejandra Narvaez and Nemonte Nenquimo live here.
Our fight isn't only for the Waorani people,
but for all nationalities, and the world that is breathing the air."
Amazon Conservation (Facebook)

Amazon Frontlines (Facebook) - a conservancy organization working with Land is Life, COIAB and more
Amazon Watch (Facebook) - work with Indigenous communities and volunteers to provide necessary support
Anaí (National Association of Indigenous Action) (Facebook)
Artemisa Xakriabá - youth movement leader from APIB Southeast and Global Alliance of
Territorial Communities, traveled to UN Assembly with COICA, AMAN, and AMPB

Associação Floresta Protegida (Facebook) - an organization in Para for Kayapó [Xingu] Mebêngôkre autonomy and land
Associação Indígena Munduruku
Associação Terra Indigena Xingu (ATIX) - tribal committee who promote regional affairs
* - movement leader from APIB Southeast
VIDEO  "Now we are living through a moment of legislative genocide,
they're killing us with pen and paper...

what we are scared of is staying alive without expressing who we are."
Centro de Trabalho Indigenista (Facebook)
CHIRAPAQ (Centro de Culturas Indígenas del Perú) (Facebook) - Amazonian and Andean Peruvian rights center
CIDOB Bolivia (Confederation of Indigenous People in Bolivia) - an organization including the Amazon (Guarani, Guarayo, Achuar, Chiquitano) (Bolivia)
CNTI (National Commission of Indigenous Territory) (Facebook) (Colombia)
COIAB (Facebook) - prominent organization with nine Amazonian states

COICA (Coordination of Indigenous Organizations of Amazon River Basin) (Facebook) (Ecuador)
delegation who delivered climate legislation in Congress to Sen. Markey and attended UN assembly
Comissão Guarani Yvyrupa (Facebook) - supporting Guarani rights
CONFENIAE (Confederation of the Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon) (Facebook) - 11-nationality coalition in Ecuador which constitutes CONAIE; the Achuar, Kichwa,
Kofan (Alejandra Narvaez), Waorani communities (Nemonte Nenquimo) and more

CONAIE (Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador) (Facebook) - largest Indigenous congress in the nation with
extremely impactful mobilizations, law, etc.; President Jaime Vargas (Achuar)

FEPHAC (Federation of Huni Kui People of Acre State) (Facebook) - President Ninawa Huni Kui
FENAMAD (Native Federation of the Madre de Dios River and its Tributaries) (Facebook) - Eje Esa, Harakbut, Kichwa, Matsigenka, Yine (Arawak) tribes 
FUNAI (Facebook) - government organization to protect Indigenous health and rights across Brazil
This is the organization where Maxciel Pereira dos Santos
worked until his recent assassination

Hakhu - creating sustainability, Indigenous fashion and health with over 200 Ecuadorian women, founders Leo Cerda and Nina Gualinga;
"We need alternatives to fossil fuel extraction. We believe in the transformative
power of innovative community projects.
We do not merely envision a different future, we are building it." (Hakhu
Helena Gualinga (Twitter) is a lifelong environmental advocate from Sarayaku, Patricia Gualinga's daughter
Indigenistas Associados (INA) (Facebook) - civil rights institute that advocates for Indigenous policies/statutes in court; associated with FUNAI,
made for tribes to represent themselves through judicial system (Brazil)

Instituto Kabu (Facebook) - protecting Kayapó-Menkragnoti and Baú way of life;
President Tomeikwa Bepakati of Kadjyre and other members

Instituto Socioambiental (Facebook) - public interest organization for eco-conscious, Indigenous solutions (Brazil)
Instituto Raoni (Brazil) - centered around Chief Raoni Metuktire of the Kayapo community, who recently summoned
600 representatives of 45 different Brazilian Indigenous territories in Piaracu, Ecuador (APIB)
Land Is Life
(Facebook) - worldwide coalition founded during World Conference
of Indigenous Peoples, advocating for sovereignty, tribal health and women’s rights

Manari Ushigua Santi (Facebook) - director at Naku [Sápara Amazon] and vice-president of CONAIE (Ecuador)
Mirian Cisneros - President of Pueblo de Sarayaku and their governing council Tayjasaruta,
an unfailing and vital leader in Indigenous Amazonian rights;

"I will take the baton to lead not just the women, but the whole community.’
And the past presidents and leaders, wise people in the community, and the
other women themselves, they have given me the support to assume
this role and help strengthen my community.
They have given me the strength to take on this role, so now I can say,
‘I am with my Pueblo, and my Pueblo is with me’." (WECAN); CONFENIAE and CONAIE, parent organizations (link
Leo Cerda - Kichwa leader, eco-expert and Hakhu founder; also on Amazon Watch staff
Mobilização Nacional Indigena (National Mobilization of Indigenous Women) (Facebook)
Nina Gualinga - Hakhu founder, international Indigenous rights activist
and environmental organizer against fossil fuel (Ecuador)

ONIC (Facebook) - Colombian Amazon confederation
OPAN (Facebook) - non-profit political organization who work with
communities to sign autonomy into law

OPIAC (Facebook) - Colombian Amazonian Indigenous group/Wilter
Rodriguez is territory coordinator and measures regional climate change

ORAU (Facebook) (AIDESEP)
ORPIA (Facebook) - Venezuelan Amazonian coalition (COICA)
Pachamama (Facebook) - Ecuadorian Amazon protection who work with CONFENIAE, CONAIE and other regional groups for environmental/Indigenous sovereignty, founded by Belen Paez
Patricia Gualinga - Sarayaku activist and environmental.women’s rights leader (Ecuador)
Rainforest Awareness Rescue Education Center (Facebook) - rescuing wildlife and spreading environmental awareness from the center of Peru’s Amazon
RCA (Rede de Cooperaçao de Amazonica) (Facebook) - originally supported by Rainforest Foundation of Norway and now an independent, Amazon initiative,
work with Instituto Socioambiental, OPIAC, COIAB and more; currently includes 14 federations (Brazil)

REJUIND (Indigenous Youth Network) (Facebook) - supporting tribal youth across the Amazon (Brazil)

SAR Bolivia - Bolivian volunteer firefighter organization, many members are Indigenous
Sarayaku Defensores de la Selva (Facebook) - a coalition and an organization of Ecuadorian Kichwa communities in the Amazon,
promoting Kawsak Sacha, an Indigenous Life Plan; Mirian Cisneros is president (Ecuador)

Sociedad Peruana de Derecho Ambiental (Peruvian Society of Environmental Law) (Facebook)
Weaving Ties (Facebook) - a cultural exchange and language program under the Global Alliance, with women/youth focus;
Artemisa, Tuntiak Katan
(COICA President) and other forest leaders are affiliated

Deep Forest Foundation (Facebook) - a respectful, international team who
highlight Indigenous communities in forests and their lives

Rainforest Action Network (Facebook)
Rainforest Alliance (Facebook)
Rainforest Foundation (Facebook) - social justice and rainforest advocacy nonprofit
Rainforest Trust (Facebook)
Survival International (Facebook) - Célia Xakriabá  VIDEO