Jinjer, Ukrainian Metalcore Band, Denounce War—
Raise €130,000+ With Napalm Records

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You may consider Jinjer djent or progressive metalcore, an incredibly heavy and talented quartet from Horlivka (Donetsk Oblast), Ukraine! They formed in 2010 and quickly took the world by storm! Meet the ferocious frontwoman Tatiana Shmailyuk, bassist Eugene Abdukhanov, guitar god Roman Ibramkhalilov and Vladislav Vlasevish: Jinjer's drummer. This notorious four-piece band is no stranger to meaningful messages and causes in art.

Of course, Euromaidan (the Ukrainian uprising) had then become the cultural backdrop. Cloud Factory (2014) is a gripping metal autobiography with sociopolitical songs like 'When Two Empires Collide' and 'Zhelayu Znachit Poluchu' (I Want It, I'll Get It).

Jinjer stands up, uses their powerful voices for Ukraine in 2022, to end war. They raised over €130,000+ with Napalm Records. Hear the story.

"I am speaking to you from Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, which is now under the siege of Russian troops. I would like to speak to all of the people of the civilized world," bassist Eugene addressed on February 26th (A Message from Ukraine).


Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized a horrific military invasion of Ukraine, February 24th, which severely affects both nations' survivability. The current conflict has displaced 6.5 million human beings in 28 days.

Jinjer expressed this disturbing situation in their own words a week later. "As you know, there is war raging through the streets and cities of Ukraine right now. Many people have little or no food or water, and are very afraid of what tomorrow may bring." (x) That same post would invite fans to Jinjer's fundraiser.

Why should Ukraine matter? Any humanitarian crisis should invite us to share our sympathy and resources. And it is noteworthy when sanctions are tallying against Duma members, plus numerous businesses in agriculture. The Biden administration treads dangerous ground.

Correctiv's site updates the effect of sanctions in real time. Energy is also volatile. Prices have soared from the U.S. to China! Farmers are internationally planting less and reducing land use since fertilizer shipment disrupted (Reuters).

Food shortages were already possible due to COVID-19-weakened supply chains (COVID-19 Global Supply Pressure Index, March). Read this UN report for more.

Russia and Ukraine produce 30% of Earth's wheat yield collectively. Strategic attacks by the Russian military threaten many more lives in the aftermath. Donetsk, again Jinjer's home state, just endured more civilian deaths yesterday via Russian airstrikes (Pravda).

"All our fans, all music fans, all metalheads worldwide no matter where you're from—especially if you are from Russia—this war cannot be justified by anything, no matter what propaganda says," Abdukhanov continued in 'A Message from Ukraine'.


Thankfully Jinjer has been safe throughout these troubled times. Who will end this war? How are heroes like them a force for good? They organize members, unify fans and transform concern into action. Some Ukrainians are local volunteers at youth centers and offer assistance.

"Ukrainian youth is one of the most active participants in countering Russian aggression both on the battlefield and through humanitarian aid and volunteering," Deputy Chairman Vasyl Mokan agreed. Others have enlisted like underground punk legends Squat Apart. Thundertale and Lithuanian State Ensemble Lietuva allied for an anti-war anthem.

Great news: $140,000+ were donated via Jinjer's merchandise sales! €10,000 of those funds support housing, and aid convoys from Eastern European neighbors like Slovakia. Solidarity is the only way forward. This is not possible without each other.

"Your support will not only help so many people in need but sends a much needed positive sign that they are not alone...On behalf of the entire band, crew, label and all of Ukraine—we thank you!" (x) Grab a shirt today and uplift the movement. Metal can save lives too.

"No one deserves what we are going through now here in Ukraine...please spread the word about Putin's aggression. Together we can stop this."


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