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"Your name will sound, Perun (chief Slavic deity who ruled the sky), in the call of steel swords!

In the call of the horns of combat, in the thunder of heaven battles!" (x)

Listen for truth in our past to know the future!

A Belarusian band melds modern metal from Viking ages: KAIRA!

Kaira Spiel has many successful pursuits under their bad-ass belt:

"aggressive pagan groove metal" musician (Battle Helm),

model, motorcyclist (pagan worshipper).

Pavel Drozdov plays droning, masterful guitar for KAIRA.

Anna Petroshenko summons ancient melodies via the keyboard.

Vitaly is bassist, and Dzmitry plays drums extremely well.


'Mein Herz Brennt' (Rammstein Cover), Zheleznye Devy Festival, 2015  VIDEO

Kaira is a Finnish word which derives from Old Norse term geirr, 'spear'!

Kaira also means a forested river wilderness.

Germanic tribes migrated from modern-day Nordic nations in the 9th and

10th centuries: Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Their trade routes were well-connected to Eastern Europe by the mid-1100's.

Maskovichi ("wakefulness") is one among many Belarusian Viking settlements.

Learn more about this discovery here.

 The Rus sold fur, sailed across the open Baltic and Black seas of

Northern Europe, made iron weapons—

and brought spiritual beliefs of ancestral Viking gods.

These medieval merchant-warriors assimilated into a new Balto-Slavic

culture, one which spans from Belarus to Finland.

KAIRA mixes this history into their unique songs.

"Belaya-Rus is a country where there are no mountains and seas,

but a country where the forest is our walls, lakes are

our mirrors, rivers, veins, flesh and earth.

We are residents of *Polesie, grandchildren of

Veles*, descendants of the Balto-Slavs.

We were reached by Khazars and Vikings.

Our fertile lands were cultivated by the mighty

tribes of Krivichi, Dregovichi and Radimichi,

later with mixed blood, different cultures, but united by Gods..."  VIDEO

KAIRA hopes that the world takes notice!

Kupala/y (Slavic summer solstice)

Their new single, Belyj Dym (Белый дым) is out on YouTube, Soundcloud and Facebook.

May 9th's stream absolutely rocked!


*Khazars - an ancient Avar or Bulgar community in Southeastern

Europe which migrated to Central-Eastern Europe, and

created one of the first regional states (300-1079 CE).

They traded with Byzantine, East Asian, Scandinavian and Slavic empires

until assimilation into local provinces (Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine)

*Perun (or Perkun in Baltic states) - a deity who protects humans,

ruled over storms, thunder and weaponry  (Slavic Gods/

Polish); the Viking equivalent is Thor (Slavic Souvenirs)

*Polesie - a region in southern Belarus and Europe's largest forest wetland;

Belarus, Poland, northwestern Russia and the Ukraine are included.

Poleshuks share a common culture and dialect (Belarus)

*Veles - a chief god of forests, the law, livestock, the underworld

(Navia), wealth and wild animals (Slavic Gods/(Polish); Christianization

turned Veles into a demonic poltergeist, or a saint (Slavic Souvenirs)