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Puʻuhonua o Hōnauna (City of Refuge), an ancient Hawai'an mausoleum and sanctuary site. These ki'i (tiki statues) have stood guard for thousands of years over Hōnauna Bay.

The incredible Pacific Islands have many sounds, and at least four of the thousands are absolutely metal.

We have heard Hawai'ian, Hiri Motu (Papua New Guinea), Maori,

Melanesian and Tahitian heritage fused with heavy sound.

This is natural attraction toward this hybrid, and partial colonialism because of UK occupation in the Pacific peninsula (RNZ).

Let's travel there now.

Alien Weaponry

Alien Weaponry is a Kiwi thrash metal trio from Waipu, New Zealand

who changed the metal world with Kai Tangata—a haunting war

song about Christianity’s conquest in Maori lands.

Screenshot, 'Kai Tangata'

Tūmatauenga is a Maori war divinity from which their debut album Tū got its name.

Henry de Jong is Alien Weaponry's drummer, and he wrote much of

'Kai Tangata's lyrics which are in te reo Maori.

“Quite a few of the songs on the album are about battles or conflict.

So we thought it was appropriate to name the album after Tūmatauenga.

Tū also means to stand strong and proud, to stand for something;

which we think is important as a band and as people.”

'Blinded'  YOUTUBE

Alien Weaponry are with Napalm Records, the acclaimed metal label!

Copenhell Festival showcased the band's artistic expression of Maori heritage too.

Staff reached out to Kane Harnett-Mutu, who's based in Denmark

and instructor of haka tradition for over 20 years (Metro).

Haka Flash Mob and Alien Weaponry, COPENHELL  YOUTUBE



AquaFire is a Papua New Guinean power metalcore band.

Local music enthusiasts have loved them for years and looked

forward to their epic concerts in Port Moresby.

Anthems like 'Say Goodbye' are powerful songs about loved ones who have passed away.

Photo Credit: Framing Niugini

Metal explores coping and mental health in ways that other genres have not to date.

Highlights, Vember Fest 2018  YOUTUBE

You can find more Pasifika metal events on this dedicated page!



Darkaside has played Metal United World Wide PNG and Tritones POM Metal Fest with AquaFire!

It all started on the year of metal for Papua New Guinea: 2017 (Loop PNG).

Cowboys from Hell (Pantera Cover), Metal United World Wide PNG 2018  YOUTUBE

“Just this year, they are coming out and being heard as

previously heavy metal has been only an underground genre.”

'Down With The Sickness' (Disturbed Cover), Live at Bouganville  YOUTUBE

Darkaside will be at X Music Festival, a hard rock, punk

and metal event in November. Don't miss it!



"Falls Apart" was the first heavy metal song to shred PNG radio, and Hyer hasn't slowed down (Loop PNG).

Adrian Gedisa is a Papuan underground guitarist who honed his skills with other virtuosos

like Jeffrey Vagalia and John Warbat (Inspirational Papua New Guineans).

He decided to play metal after learning the instrument, and

hearing the genre as a teenager (Loop PNG).

Hyer is a major milestone in a long, musical journey.



This djent-melodic deathcore band lives in Waianae.

Nesta needs no help from volcanos for explosive sound.

They have an extremely impressive discography, and thought goes into every detail.



The Tahitian band is inspired by the ancestral lunar calendar of the same name.

Expect a hardcore punk edge.

Metal Fest at Helios  YOUTUBE

'I'm Broken' (Pantera Cover), 2014  YOUTUBE

Their most recent performance is at Totara Rock Festival 2019 in Pirae, French Polynesia!


Sacred Rite

They are the pioneer Hawai'an metal band: heavy,

unapologetic, beloved by underground and mainstream fans.

"At the beginning of my career I loved the first Van Halen, Uli Roth, Pat Travers and things like that.

I have always been attracted by sounds that, although different from Dee's European metal,

were always referable to rock," says Mark Kaliwahea

(Loud and Proud (Italian)/English).

Sacred Rite has no new material since 2007 but raise your horns to these Pasifika thrash lords.

They rock metal shows like German mega-festival Keep It True (link) to this day!

'Wings of Pegasus/I've Seen The Wizard', Keep It True, Live 2019  YOUTUBE

Metal never goes out of style.


Sons of Solomon

Metal's roots on the Solomon Islands originated in the United Kingdom, and took hold around 1991.

"I think in all the Melanesian countries, the Solomons is the centre of heavy metal.

Because of the British influence even way back when

rock and roll was popular in Solomon Islands.

Up until the era of the likes of Sharzy and other

island artists then it started to die out.

But how I see it, there are still a lot of people

who love heavy metal in Solomon Islands,"

said Fearly Kofana, clean vocalist for Sons of Solomon (RNZ).

'New Beginning'

Their latest single is symbolic of Solomon Islands metal

and a new generation of bands on the rise.

Lead guitarist Floyd Kofela knows this is no trend.

"For me, I just feel like metal music has a part to play in the whole music industry in Solomon Islands.

So we just want to complement Solomon Islands music as a

whole and be part of the Solomon Islands music industry as well." (RNZ)


Tritones Music

Papua New Guinea's and Pasifika metal would be less powerful without support.

So Tritones brings PNG metal to a world stage!

Carmel Pilotti is the force behind this excellent promotion company.

Credit: Kreative Events Production/Tritones Music

POM Metal Fest 2017 was a smash hit for upcoming bands, and

metalheads who are eager to hear new music as well.

Metal Mania at the Cosmopolitan, Port Moresby, 2018  YOUTUBE

“Heavy metal is not really a popular genre here...the second show now?

The turn-out was just great. I think it’s great.

I think it’s only gonna grow.” (YouTube)


 Varua Ino

Varua Ino is a Tahitian heavy and thrash metal band who are musical forces against corruption, the rising tides.

Government campaigns can’t censor them!

Scum (Full Album)  YOUTUBE

This is extremely underground music with a message: you cannot control the people's will.