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They are a long-time companion and extremely

talented, versatile musician!

Sounds cliche, but never heard

an artist quite like Justin M.

We met in 2008 during high school.

The D.C. area is hard to survive

without support, so that propelled us

on similar paths for human rights.

Solidarity is amplification of others' voice alongside

your own when the time is right.

Adaptability, empathy and exciting ideas have always been

things to expect from C-Dissonance.

Currently they are bassist, drummer AND guitarist

 in said solo band, plus bassist with

unapologetically awesome

reggae quartet Adwela and the Uprising!

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We co-wrote 'Justice'!

You think reggae and rock is it? We #didthat for country too.

Check out this visual mash-up: 'Single Line' and 'Blue Monday'.