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We are here, ready for reinforce our inner power.

The world knows who we are.

We are femmes, women, fluid and real.

 We are not about perfection for public perception.

We are artivists, dreamers who fight to decolonize.

I  am not as strong in the ways once thought before.

And honestly that is okay.

This life is next to impossible without rest...

and relinquishing extra pride.

We are talking about arrogance, not confidence.

Movements die from the difference.

Why is that so radical? I released mine.

Patriarchy has crystallized views of inferiority in more than men's minds.

Isms are internalized until unlearning's done.

Illness is chronic for me so I wasn't about to be a mule anyway.

Our ancestors had no choice, and then they resisted ableism too.

Recently it feels more pressing to resist.

This is an active challenge: staying alive.

So capitalism says our path is alone, we run alone

and only look after others when they really need us.

So I did. Still my conscience tortured me.

There was just no way we would survive under such a worldview.

And we didn't. The world changed from 2008 to 2020.

A decade gave us recession, a near-depression,

a pandemic, three government shutdowns

and two of history's biggest tyrants.

Fake news became so surreal that I have to ask.

You choose them. I think you know their names.

The U.S.' MAGA era catapulted us through new, selfish times.

Some forever were red-pilled and lost to extremism, left or right.

We had never seen capitalism quite like this.

I knew immediately who friends were and were not.

They stayed as antifascism further kicked off,

or disappeared into time's memory jar.

No one really remembers them.

Leftists radicalized in great, tangible waves

we will never forget and still feel.

Forgive, I suppose either, since so many were left behind.

No decent reason exists except bureaucracy, red tape and lies.

The umbrella term leftist, democrat applied to many

questionable end-games from PSL's wicked web

to The Red Nation's detached Marxist reality,

and BLM finally facing the music.

It was and still is a metaphysical wilderness:

land of the lost and finding ourselves.

Our allies were often aligned alongside high rollers,

the activists who clout-chase the most.

All the while, Marie Mott, End SARS, Palm Collective,

No Justice No Pride and Funky Town Fridge did that work.

We don't have to play fair to gain respect, but we will engage solidarity.

We WILL share mutual aid.

And we will flow with the revolutionary tides of March.

Remember that last title card in Cowboy Bebop: The Movie?

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