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This document will cover Alexandria and Arlandria

(Arlington/Alexandria overlap)'s community necessities!

 Please e-mail us to add any more!



Alexandria City Government

General Coronavirus Updates
Alexandria City Government Basic Needs
covers basic needs
Alexandria Medical Reserve Corps
ACPS COVID-19 Portal
ACT COVID-19 Response Fund provides financial support
to mutual aid and nonprofit organizations throughout the crisis
Housing Relief
Volunteer Alexandria

COVID-19 Financial Solidarity list for possible help.


Alexandria Library uploaded a mobile app page for digital learning!

Alexandria Public Schools - Follow them on FB!


Call: 703-619-8000
Hotline: 703-866-5300

Crisis Text: CONNECT ➡ 85511
Call: 703-527-4077

Translation Services

Scholastic has an open-access website, Learn at Home, for your children.


Alexandria Community Alliance (703-957-9647)

Food Distribution Centers

ACPS Food Access

Hunger Free Alexandria is a mutual aid organization/community coalition who fight hunger locally by boosting healthy produce access and assistance.
Call: 703-662-1067


Alexandria Food Warehouse, churches and public meet-ups are where their latest efforts are centered.

DMV Restaurant Workers' Relief Fund

(La Colectiva Collective Liberation Fund/Fondo Liberación Colectiva)


Alexandria Community Alliance (703-957-9647)

DMV COVID-19 Resources for Immigrants

Healthcare Access during COVID-19

Tangible Support for Immigrant Communities During COVID-19 (Immigrants Rising)

(Google Docs)

La ColectiVa, CASA, Democratic Socialists of NoVA,

Justice for Muslims Collective, The International Mayan League,

The Latina Institute, NAKASEC, Our Revolution Arlington,

Sanctuary DMV, SURJ Northern Virginia and more have

co-authored demands for marginalized communities'

priority status in a pandemic.

"Government officials at all levels federal, state, and local

must take action to support people who need it most

and we are calling on them to do so.

If there is ever a time to aggressively combat systemic

inequities and oppressions—it is now..."

Adriane Lopez (La Colectiva) addresses VA leadership too.

Legal Aid Justice Center, Advocacy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

They give assistance virtually about public charge laws, etc.

Sanctuary DMV has an emergency hotline for immigration rights information.

Please do not hesitate to contact them:

202-335-1183 and join the volunteer team!


They are also connected with Detention Watch Network's

petition/campaign to free detained immigrants in

Farmville, Prince Edward County!

International Mayan League and La ColectiVA distribute supplies

via delivery, donation centers and community

support all across Northern Virginia.

It's possible through us!

(Northern VA COVID-19 Support Sign-Up)

This is a donation link for the International

Mayan League, and LaColectiva.

Tenants and Workers United are an impactful, grassroots

alliance in Alexandria for immigrant, labor and

civil rights groups...a progressive NoVA.

They need our help too.

United We Dream's COVID-19 petition assures that "We join together to reject xenophobia and racism, which only worsen the effects of the pandemic and put immigrants at harm."


Housing Alexandria rocks for this.


Virginia Rent and Mortgage Relief Program

Add your voice.