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Voice of Baceprot is an Indonesian metal band who wow instantly.

It’s the brainchild of three Muslim students who fused their

love for music with revolutionary messages to uplift.

 “We chose metal because it is the music of rebellion and best represents

our anxiety and the anxiety of youth,” Firdda mentioned in an 2017 interview (SBS).

'School Revolution'  VIDEO

"Sekolah pagi pasti ragaku ini berlari/Paksa mimpi yang tak satupun ku mengerti

Terlempar kepala dipaksa pintar/terdampar moral digoda binger"

 Translation: "Morning school forces me to run/Spoon-feeding me ideas I don’t get

Throwing me into pressure to get smart/Leaving me confused

with a chatter of moral temptations" (Lyrics)

Abah Eerza experienced their frustration with bullying firsthand as music instructor.

 Anxiety, bullying, and passion for the arts formed VoB in 2014.

Firdda Wurnia, Euis Siti and Widi Rahmawati found an outlet for their pain.

Then they fought back through sound.


Bullies have to face a different trio now!

Influences are Indonesian activists Pramoedya Ananta Toer and Marxist philosopher/guerrilla

Tan Malaka who fought against European colonialism in the 1940's (SBS).

Malaka also founded the Murba Party and Struggle Union before his death:

Indonesian radical groups with lofty liberation goals. Malaka's exile in 1922 only made him a national hero.

Leftist politics actually motivate Voice of Baceprot on a regular basis!

Their former music teacher is band mentor now.

“Abah Eerza directed us to music, but we chose the music

that we felt would best tell our stories,” Firdda told SBS.

It’s a spectacle wherever they play. The energy is contagious!

"Guerilla Radio" (RATM Cover), Bogor 2018  VIDEO

 But having a chaperone still didn’t ease the conservative fears of parents,

who had reservations about their acceptance or safety.

“At first I couldn’t get my parents approval.

But things changed when we began to get awards at music festivals,” Siti recounts. 

Still not convinced VoB rocks?

"Psychosocial" at Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, 2017  VIDEO

Form your own opinion about this unique Indonesian trio.

And always keep an open mind for international music!