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333 Wreckords Crew (Los Angeles/Global) | Founder: Jason Aalon Butler (2019-)

Fever 333 lead performer Jason Butler
began an independent, alternative label to
rock beyond industry gatekeeping!
Their first signees were hardcore/nu-metal
Kentucky band Guerrilla Warfare.
We love this from 333’s Facebook bio:
"Someone had to find an alternative
to the approach that has kept artists
on the wrong side of the benefits
in this industry for far too long.

If someone’s going to do it, it
might as well be us—the artists."
Acclaimed musicians Nova Twins,
Fever 333 and Oxymorrons
bring it on 333 Wreckords.
You can too!

Services: Artist Management/Distribution/Marketing/
Production/Metal, Rap, Rock Entertainment

Jason Butler Launches Artist-Oriented Collective 333 Wreckords Crew (Kerrang!, 10-30-19)

Bone Soda (London/Global) | Founders: Skinny Macho, Tommy Gold, Truce

 The trio are elusive, omnipresent masterminds
of Bone Soda in London, England!
This bombastic, Black-youth owned
label exports every genre imaginable
as a dual creative studio.
Bone Soda collaborate with Nike,
Stussy, etc., plus grime,
grunge, punk, trap artists.
Are you interested? Produce realness here.
Vibe to Bekah CC, Jaxxon D. Silva, Michul Kuun.

"We wanted to hear whatever we wanted to hear!"

Services: Creative Design & Direction/Music Distribution & Production/Hip-Hop, Indie, Rock Entertainment

Virgil Abloh to Perform in London (An0ther Magazine, 9-17-21)

Bone Soda Find Their Inner Light (The Face Magazine, 7-23-20)

Buddhabug Records (Harlem, New York City/Global) | Founder: Luqman Brown | CONTACT

Luqman Brown electrifies the world from
Harlem's center: funk in your face, an
energetic rock musician who has
his own record label to boot.
Brown is a composer, sound
, Black renaissance man.
Underground five-piece Funkface
(Luqman: lead singer), Beat
Brigade, Dope Sagittarius are all
bonafide Buddhabug artists.
There's room for more musical love,
so discover this unique label.

Services: Artist Management/Audio Production/Multimedia Composition/Variety Performances

Dope Sagittarius: Define Love (El Santo del Rock, 3-18-21)

Cosmic Nation Productions (Philadelphia/Global) | Founder: Starr Cullars | CONTACT 

Starr absolutely rocks: Cosmic Nation
Productions CEO, bandleader-bassist who
toured with Parliament-Funkadelic.
Paul Stanley and Sammy Hagar are
long-time rock colleagues from VH1
Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp days!
She shines in Starr Cullars Crew (SCC).
Partner with CNP, and do the same!


Services: Artist Management/Variety Performances/Rock Entertainment/Non-Profit Assistance

Starr Cullars' Official Parliament-Funkadelic Page

Famined Records (Los Angeles/Global) | Owner: Chelsea Coronin (2014-) | CONTACT     

Chelsea and Rick met in the early
2000's, and bring the world
something new: Famined Records!
SC band Reflect//Refine, Vietnamese
metalcore WINDRUNNER and
Hong Hong rock group  Seasons for
are all on Famined Records.
They are a great team to boost you.
Victory Records distributes their merchandise.

Services: Artist Management/Distribution/Marketing/Metal Entertainment

#BRUTalk (Metal): Chelsea Coronin, Famined Records (10-06-20)

Starve the Arts: Episode 25 with Chelsea Coronin (7-24-20)