February: New Seasons, New Possibilities

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This has been such an eventful second month of 2023.

I followed my intuition and swapped with Stephanie's

friend for a spot on Carnival's Caribbean cruise!

It was a difficult journey alongside new homies

Chris and Leslie (from D.C. down the road),

but ten hours later we were in our stateroom.

The sea rocked and rolled us as we laughed

and prepped for Night #1.

Stephanie absolutely stunned every single time.

Leslie is such a joy, I swear.

And Chris already turns out to be a great friend.

Lately, my mood has been fluctuating

so who knew what to expect?

DJ HennyBaddz is a great ice-breaker

and the crew found ourselves at the dancehall event.

You get a vibe when someone's looking,

so I glance one way then another to see.

Twoyoung dudes are on either side.

One compliments me smoothly enough

and goes on his merry way.

Later, we met up to actually chat.

Turns out they're a descendant of Brothers Grimm

and his brother is cruising with them!

So a truly demented fairly tale

plays out when he loses signal

during our meet-up time Tuesday.

Guess who found me at the nightclub though.

Valentine's Day (Justin's birthday as well)

comes and goes like a summer breeze.

By Wednesday night, Stephanie is ecstatic.

Her birthday is the 16th!

Leslie unfortunately got hurt during one of

our beach shenanigans (oops).

We had such a blast that Saturday

crept upon us out of nowhere.

I will never forget this Aquarius season.

New possibilities are on the horizon.

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