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Hamadria is a Perúvian power & symphonic metal powerhouse since 2006:

Miguel Cantuta (guitarist), Ingrid Castro (lead vocalist),

Cristian Gamboa (rhythm guitarist), Hector Fernando (drummer)

and Eduardo Pinto (bassist).

“In Hamadría we were one of the first female leading vocal metal band in Perú.

This grant us the opportunity to get invited to tour with Anabantha,

another successful metal band from Latin America.” (Battle Helm)

We just realized their band name is environmentally inspired!

“Hamadría (Hamadryad) is a Greek mythological being that lives in trees.

When a tree dies, an Hamadryad dies too, we picked the name as a way

of making conscience about our environment.

Artwork for Reina Azul, Hamadría's first song

Perú's musical scene prefers the folkloric or popular music styles.

“It’s great to know that you are part of metal band’s community.

It’s a genre that doesn’t get the mainstream attention.

In fact, in Latin America (Perú) is even harder to get people to know you.

Here other musical genres like salsa, cumbia, electronic music get all the attention.

We’re glad to know that there are people in other countries listening to our music.”

Hamadría has earned their metal fan base over the years!

“Since the local metal scene isn’t that big you get to

know your fans and other bands very well.

They come to support and you can even get some drinks with them.

It’s a honest and humble environment of metal bands

and fans, having fun with the music.”

Carion Fest, Juliaca, Perú, 2019