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Aghori (vocalist/guitarist), Yathur-ea (drummer) and bassist Agramon are Fedra!

This is South America’s first all-woman metal ensemble,

who've rocked Bogotá since 2006!

The Colombian black metal band perfects a different style: melodic

yet crude, polished by their well-rehearsed techniques.


Aghori arrests complete attention from the first note!

Brutality is definitely Fedra's trademark approach.

They bring it in every primeval growl, cymbal hit and gripping lyric.

The music is performed in Spanish, dark and insightful like the band members.

Bathory, Immortal and other black metal bands influence

Fedra who lament on humanity's ultimate fate.

But this band explores thrash crossover, the occult and demonology in their own personal mythos.

A hard-hitting sound has everyone intimidated—apparently other men who play the genre as well.

 This is a 2015 interview with Cuarto Infierno, a Chilean metal site that covers events,

updates and venues across South America!

...¿Cómo fue que llegó a darse la posibilidad de tener una agrupación

sólo de mujeres, en un género como el black metal?

Translation: ...How did it come to be possible to have a women-only group in a genre like black metal?

“No fue fácil, ya que encontrar personas comprometidas y que sientan pasión por

el género era complicado, sobre todo teniendo en cuenta el

machismo que se generaba antes y que aún sigue existiendo.

Pero ante todo fuimos y somos firmes ante la idea de seguir con lo que

nos gusta que es hacer black metal y se conservó la idea de

continuar con una banda femenina, que rompiera esquemas y

que demostrara que las mujeres sí podemos”.

Ibagué Ciudad Rock, 2017

Translation: "It wasn't easy, since finding committed people with a passion for the genre

was complicated, especially considering the machismo that was generated before and still exists.

But first of all, we were and we are firm about the idea of continuing

with what we like to do: black metal, and the idea of continuing with a women's band

that would break stereotypes and show that women can."

¿Cómo se sintieron en esos primeros años en lo que respecta al apoyo del público colombiano?

“Nos sentimos bien en cuanto a que una banda de mujeres es algo diferente,

pero por otra parte no era bien recibida por aquellos hombres machistas,

que decían que una mujer no debía hacer black metal”.

Translation: How did you feel in those early years about the support of the Colombian public?

“We feel good that a women's band is something different, but

on the other hand it wasn't well-received by those macho men

who said a woman shouldn't do black metal.” 

 Good thing that Fedra ignored the hate!

Midnight Ritual Bogotá Metal Fest, July 2019

Latin American black metal is a cultural phenomenon, never to fade from memory.

Fedra were there for it all!



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