All Things Are In Flux and Nothing Is Permanent

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A Tekken 2 bop (for the non-Namco obsessed,

famous fighting game series) recalls ancient wisdom,

known before Buddha (563-483 BCE) or Heraclitus

(500 BCE)' beautiful, paraphrased versions.

All things are flux and inconstant.

AKA shit changes!

Anitya describes Siddharta Gautama's spiritual-

universal understanding of impermanent being.

Another pronunciation is 'anicca'.

Panta Rhei means "all is flux", "everything flows" when

translated loosely from Greek.

Heraclitus was an interesting philosopher.

This particular theory about life was based on nature.

He observed a raging river, and how

water never retains its same state.

Our cosmos is chaotic.

Yet the imbalance became too much

when manmade inequality entered our civilizations.

How can we survive without embracing change?

2020 alone...stability is a lifelong destination.

Obstacles may delay us and oppression has held us up.

We are getting free, one resistant step at a time.

All things are in flux and nothing is permanent.