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VIDEO (feat. Mesopotamica, 'Black Hole') (Transcript):

"One of the hardest life lessons and tools to grasp. You might spend your

entire life trying to perfect it, and that's all right.

But you've got to start. And you have to start now.

And I recently reached out on social media about keeping your head above

water—figuratively, literally—as climate becomes more extreme,

and personal hope ALIVE. And I get that—I understand.

Go for a hike or binge a game series sometimes. Vent!

Yes, overload threatens all of us. We're being pressured to adapt under bias,

debt and international division that no other citizens have on Earth before.

The recession in economic growth isn't statistics for the average

job-seeker or holder who needs hope, and we find it through artistic expression,

a drink or whatever you have to decompress after longer and longer shifts...

or to pass the time as the big and small picture have yet to develop for us.

How to sustain? I've struggled with it for YEARS.

And I'm still defining boundaries to make sure that my and others' sustenance isn't

some external 'gimme' within reach, right?

The thing that we need to get by varies, but it's supposed to be—it should be

a greater hope driving reality: that long-term, feel-good solution.

And it ultimately can't be someone else or something else as our savior.

And we have to be real with ourselves about turning toward instant gratification,

when things are difficult—when there's harsher realities to

confront, about what need to be done.

Because we don't realize how that affects us. Where does our sustenance grow from?

Our environment and our future, but also knowing and growing in ourselves.

After the music is done, and after the paint session and after the umpteenth

shoulder to cry on, are we able to keep going?

Activists are forgetting self-sustenance because their balance is

being destabilized by the same structural issues that are

affecting all of us but they face head-on right NOW.


And that's debt, that's classism, that's racism. And that's laws that frame poverty

as criminal, and fighting oppression as wrong.

Oppression has a good amount of us tunnel-focused on "making it",

quote unquote through some Trump-esque scheme to be famous, or wealthy and powerful.

So they no longer have to suffer in the same way.

But we can't be distracted from the hope that a better and artistic,

spiritual sustenance, they are possible.

They are inside of us like seeds of harvest.

They tried to bury us, our oppressors, but they had no idea that we were seeds.

That's what revolution is all about."

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