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Nana Buluku, the West African 'Great Mother'

Mami Wata, the Jamaican (originally Nigerian) sea deity

Past and present power structures show bad intent.

Irresponsible leaders cause a mess wherever they've went.

Magic has been common, and rituals too.

Forming ties with the supernatural is still normal to do.

Gods predate creation, they have genders that change.

Loki, the Norse god

Brahma, the Hindu god of creation

From straight to bisexual, orientations range.

Awonawilona, the Zuni (Native American) creator goddess. She's said to be bisexual. 

Seers wear masks to respect nature's power (multiple ethnic communities do this).

Baule portrait mask

Corrupt rulers caused loss that took eons to rebuild.

Co-existence did not last, pagan pasts were killed.

The Temple of Sventovida in Arkona, 2006, Vsevolod Ivanov. This was a pagan temple dedicated to the Slavic fertility and war god.
The Slave Market, 1882, Gustave Boulanger.

The roots of religion vary in source.

Christianity is the largest to take Earth by force.


Peaceful Christians exist, but are not always heard.

It is the same as now when the rich ignore their words.

Gather your courage and get on the ground.

Nicole Kali has a revolutionary sound.


Revolution's Drums


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