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Revolution's fire rages.

Why does flame accompany revolution? Revolt burns.

Sometimes, fire cleanses. Like a wise friend Ayotunde said,

our soul can become re-ignited through flame.

It burns away the unjust systems that took Indigenous land and lives.

Communal freedom gives us power, from Akan priestesses to Ticuna tribal councils.

Or Minnesota after losing George Floyd, and many more kinfolk.

We hold destiny in our hands, just like before.

Dahomey women of the Benin Royal Guard

Take pride in yourselves and rise up, comrades of all ages, skin colors and faiths!

Freedom rewards a righteous voice.

Riots are the voice of the unheard, and there are things that people have to say

...if more leaders will listen.

This is Black Visions' demand list for de-carceration, justice

for George Floyd, community policing and a free world.