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Republicans say Black-on-Black violence in the inner city makes real gangsters.

The FBI said it was these guys.

N.W.A. topped the Watch List for two years.

Hillary Clinton and other politicians claimed America's

biggest threat was Black "super-predators",

or young revolutionaries like 2Pac, N.W.A, Public Enemy from the hood.

Youth violence corrupted America,

not the plutocracy's looting ways.

Neither Clinton mentions how the prison-industrial

complex made bank off of their lies.

And no one watches Wall Street since they crashed

stock markets or created global debt!

Real gangsters might look like this in the media...

Biggie and 2Pac

I see a different story, one the media calls "fake news".

Gary Younge, author of Another Day in the Death of America

GOP military hypocrites will denounce other countries'

intervention while OK'ing drone strikes.

Ethnic genocide is big business,

and murderous rebels can be

"moral equals to the Founding Fathers".

Racist warfare is the task du jour.

100,000 Maya in Guatemala, 300,000 Indigenous people's lives taken away.

"Open Veins", unidentified Nicaraguan art.
Reagan burdens Nicaragua while political jesters argue around her.

The super-rich gangsters stay in fancy estates and high-rises...

As Afghanistan, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Iraq,

Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen are filled with fields of death.

They were hit by a political drive-by.

Real gangsters take private jets to Spain

while poor folks fight for scraps.

Some feign support for them but drop bombs on them daily.

They might even make jokes about it.

They push for poverty and devastation while raking in cash.

Indian PM Narendra Modi and former President Obama

Clinton with Saudi elites

Familiar faces atop this gilded pyramid scheme of power.

Their incompetence destroys ancient, living environments.

Wealthy elite's grip crushes dissent and peace.

Student debt, plastic ocean, fracking, and unprecedented inequality

is real gangsters' contribution to the world.

Controlled blasting bombards Indigenous heritage, by Trump's orders (Earther).

Haiti's minimum wage is $3 an hour because

Hillary made an offer they couldn't refuse.

Donation fundraisers made BIG BUCKS.

Fashion companies evict farmers for fast fashion.

Real gangsters cut off an entire country's income and ignore their calls for help.

Do we get bailouts?

A nightmare by an uncaring upper echelon rises over our society.

The architects of annihilation have unpaid debt.


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