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Next Post: Pan-African Revolution

We hear through time, in different languages and contexts,

from one hemisphere to another: Black power.

 Blackness is African roots, a rainbow of shades, a proud and political

fact when animosity surrounds our people.

Africa's children claim Blackness as a source of strength: a bridge between

past, present and a progressive future.

We see a union like never before to end Black oppression in Black LGBTQ+

Migrant Project, Extinction Rebellion Gambia, Chapter Four Uganda,

Reclaim Pride, Youth vs. Apocalypse, BYP100 and more.

Turn tides against capitalist imperialism.

Pan-African revolution has come full circle.

This brings the dual consciousness that W.E.B. DuBois described.

A classist color distinction created lasting schisms throughout the world.

Blackness marks Africans and Afro-descendants' journey into a racially imbalanced

system in which autonomous freedom is still a battle.

It's the god in us.

And now, we finally can hold onto it.

These are revolutionary times and I won't turn away from them.

I'll be here in Blackness and personal power to face the storm.

Angela Davis

Black August

Black Radical Tradition

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