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 Climate carnage looms as right-wing politicians like Bolsonaro,

Trump and Macron guide the world toward more man-made and natural disaster.

 Unstable leaders' negative decisions generate chaos, and Earth's destabilizing environment.

Bolsonaro refuses international criticism and environmental restoration.

Farmers and loggers set fire to clear the forest, emboldened by his carelessness.

He watches the Amazon burn.

Trump's negligent policies create natural disasters globally.

Hurricane Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria were all signs of worse weather with these good ol' faithful Republicans.

Their houses washed away like the lies.

Nature reveals truth. It can be sinister!

Africa burning in the same regions that still suffer from colonialism's aftermath: Angola, DRC, Tanzania and Zambia

It will show who needs help most, the evil karma racked up from greed and false religion.

Nicole Kali raises nature's power and restores order, but a chaotic storm is approaching.

31% EPA budget cuts are a guaranteed path to contaminated air, food and water.

Emissions cause record-breaking, simultaneous floods in Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Niger, the Pacific Islands.

Fatal storm winds and wildfires rage on, destroying Indigenous territory.

The over-zealous's dream turned into a nightmare.

This nightmare could be the death knell for the future if not corrected.

How many failed attempts will take innocent lives?

Amazon deforestation

We are looking at millions of Flints if rising sea levels continue on course.

Coastal erosion threaten most continents. Fluctuating weather patterns now drive migration as much as civil war.

A landless life could be a reality for millions.

Conflict over eco-safety just makes survival near-impossible.

Western polities like the U.S., England, France and other colonial powers avoid blame for the present.

However, their role should be highlighted. Is this Manifest Destiny?

Imperial rule still casts a shadow over the world. Frontline communities face the highest risks.

Current leaders can pretend power is solelyin their hands.

True strength and foresight are ours, the people who resist and protect their homelands, the environment.

Be as a tree and plant yourself—your roots run deeply.

Change is coming.

Natural Contract

Revolutionary Reassurance