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"I want a world where we heal, and don't commodify pain...

a world of liberation that our hands gained.

The world that we made, the groundwork to be free.

A world for you and me."

Those words begin "Moksha"

from my upcoming EP Samsara.

Ideology is resistance and joy

these days. Ferocious at that. Why not?

This year has challenged us.

2020 took much away and given

fleeting happiness to us.

It is one of the most sobering years on record.

Contemplative reminiscence is our daily reality:

loss and reconstruction during COVID-19,

a global pandemic-pressure cooker.

Loved ones and personal responsibility

assumed the foreground.

Jason Madison (R.I.P.)

Certain opportunities manifested or didn't.

We are HERE while others came wrongfully

and went in a universe's blink.

Olawutoyin's loss reddens my eyes.

Walter Wallace Jr. burns our hearts

like California wildfires. FIGHT for us.

Why can I not be for myself and others,

the recipient of my internal/external

labor, heal beyond scrutiny?

Why can't we?

There is no easy answer

or path toward peace, dear reader.

You know that and still continue in life.

Such resolution sparks revolution.

I said on October 29 last year: "Collective well-being

is the wave. This month is almost over

and things should be okay."

Believe in a brighter horizon.

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Revolutionary Reassurance