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This is for everyone who made it to this point, and those that should have.

I miss you and honor you.

Whether you're stressed in your job, working through poverty

and trying to survive, mental illness is everywhere.

We all have our coping tools, but should life not be easier, more rewarding for us?

A removed, comfortable elite assures us, "We'll get through this tough time together".

Plutocratic rulers advertise separation so we feel more lonely than ever.

But our connectivity grows daily.

What's wrong? 

Depression is a daily companion for 15 million Americans.

Anxiety affects 40 million. I have both.

450 million people have a mental illness, and feel inadequately prepared today.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies precede depression (link).

Stress causes chronic illnesses around the world.

COVID-19 raises ours collectively.

Depression can affect your reputation professionally

and more, as Nkini Phasha explains from South Africa (VIDEO).

Salahuddin Ayubi (a young man in Pakistan

with schizophrenia, who deserved more),

Nigeria's many arrests for mental illness,

and the U.S.' 16 times higher chance of death by police (x)

all paint a portrait which can't be ignored.

Governments still don't treat mental illness with respect.

That sentiment is echoed by us.

Shame is no solution. And we can't wait till things

become their worst, then throw out blame.

Ignorant leadership might lead us to

hurt each other and ourselves.

Many deal with the frustration via substances or other means—one in 10.

You know, addiction itself is trauma-based.

That should be brought to light. Stigma intercepts recovery completely (link).

Disability's no problem or reason to feel ashamed.

And show willingness to understand mental illness for more than

the negative aspects and most well-known manifestations.

Delve deeper (VIDEO) with a documentary

or conversation on life about this.

Oppressive systems will no longer hold us down.

We can change.

Great coping tools are art, community organizing,

protest, public speaking, rest.

Your livelihood must be sustainable. So there are sustainable efforts out there.

Mutual aid is expanding globally to respond.

Check a global map in progress.

Networks like COVID-19 Mutual Aid UK,

Red Apoyo Mutuo in Caguas, Puerto Rico provide

access, education and connections for a lifetime.

They provide mental health services since the

island's deeply affected by recent events like

coronavirus, Rosello and his indifference

to Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the corruption.

Hope defines us, not the tragedy we unite to endure.

"We want everything we do to build towards a new world,

a new, more just, more equal society.

We want to empower people to build popular power

and gain more skills in terms of

education, preparation, and resistance

so they can be in a better state for creating and proposing new ideas." (Truthout)

No Justice No Pride always remind us our future is brighter.

They're a beautiful, resilient, powerful collective who call for true justice.

NJNP advocates sex work decriminalization,

access to health services for all,

fair and affordable housing for LGBTQIA

residents, active anti-transphobia.

Now they've gotten funding to support

medical and legal advocacy, at least

46 people's mental health in the D.C.

area, even three houses (2019 Report)!

This is how progress comes. Emmelia Talarico,

No Justice No Pride founder, nailed it.

"A lot of the girls are really talented out there, and not

everyone wants to be an organizer or an activist.

There’s a lot of talent out there that always gets overlooked...

I literally just wake up wanting to do this shit and caring about it the right way, you know?

 I don’t do this for money, fame, any of that.

I care about doing the right thing." (them.)

And the Mental Health Coalition of Sierra Leone is the first of its kind.

48 members, and 27 organizations, protect lives through government

advocacy, nuanced training and mentored research.

Their well-prepared staff have aided in everything from

ebola outbreaks to mental health workshops.

It is difficult. There are better realities to anticipate though!

Let's create them.


NAMI released their own guide about coronavirus

to help Americans through this.

StrongHearts Native Helpline supports Indigenous people in the

U.S. who are in abusive or unhealthy relationships. 1−844-762-8483

Sunshine Behavioral Health reached out to me

with this fabulous resource:

Mental Health Issues Facing the Black Community.



US: 877-565-8860/Canada: 877-330-6366


Alexandria City Public School mental health staff (listed above) will be

there for students from Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-3:30 PM.

If you need other aid in the city, click here.

Carpenter's Clinic gives free medical exams to the

uninsured, currently unhoused Alexandria community.


Affected by COVID-19? (AUSTRALIA)


1800 55 1800


13 11 14, and text +61477131114.

If someone is in danger, please call 000. Australian Local Services


Australian LGBTQIA suicide prevention and mental wellness project;

their client consultation guide is here and resource hub here


They give you crisis counselling, referrals to local health services and more;

24/7 so please contact: 1-800-273-8255 (Toll-Free)



Free database to search psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and health services near you


Free crisis therapy for disaster survivors, etc., and over 22,000 low-cost/free resources


Life-saving spreadsheet with statewide clinic lists, access to affordable visits and a sliding cost calculator


Especially relevant during ongoing protests, Lebanese emotional and mental program

 Embrace ensures a specialized team can be there to assess needs in tough times


Collaborative website between multiple Aboriginal Australian communities

and the Department of Health and Ageing to improve national health; has a detailed service map


Institute for Development, Research, Advocacy and Applied Care's services include screenings, counsel and mental health disaster relief

Where to Go If You're Struggling with Mental Health in Lebanon


A web service/app to check a particular health topic


An amazing network of LGBTQIA2S non-white people, for LGBTQIA2S

non-white people to find decolonial healing and mental health liberation


SADAG has graciously taken time with mental health advice, treatment, community events and techniques to navigate illness

Dr. Colinda Linde, Clinical Psychologist, on Panic and Anxiety

Relaxation Techniques That Can be Employed During Panic Disorders  VIDEO


Revolutionary app specifically for Black people who seek information about this topic, Black therapists and affirmation in their experience

Black Mental Health Alliance's Psychiatrist Directory

How to Cope with Depression  YOUTUBE

Mental Illness and the Ableism of Capitalism

Mental Illness Is More Common Than We Think

Resources If You Can't Afford Therapy

Revolutionary Reassurance

Rural and Remote Mental Health (Australia)